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I’ve been making videos for fifteen
years, and after a great deal of
work it is my pleasure to finally
make available the Magic Hour
Collection – the best of the best
of all the stock footage I’ve
gathered in the past decade. 
Working out of the mountains
of Colorado and the western
United States, I’ve captured
some of the most beautiful
frames you’ve ever seen.

I’ve hung over the edge of cliffs, leaned out of moving cars, and filmed mere feet from galloping horses, screaming roller coasters, diesel trains, police cruisers, snowmobiles, Ferraris, speedboats, rush hour traffic, helicopters, jet dragsters and 747s.  I’ve jumped fences, passed No Trespassing signs, and risked official police sanctions to get the best possible shots.  This footage has been my life for the past decade – and now you can reap the benefit.

This may just be the largest commercially available stock footage collection anywhere!  The entire collection is more than 30 hours of footage, more than 6,500 clips!  That’s almost 400 gigabytes of information!!

Available in .avi format for PCs or .mov format for Macintosh, your Magic Hour collection will arrive on a brand new 500g Seagate hard drive.  Plug in the drive, pull in the clips you want and go to work--no capturing from Mini-DV tape or DVD necessary.

The footage is entirely 4:3 SD, and every shot in the Collection is 100% original – no old public domain footage, no cable access shots or black+white historical filler to pad out the minutes.  You’re buying full-color, uncompressed, 3-CCD digital royalty free video for your every whim.